Discover an all-day dining experience serving the most traditional Spanish dishes, prepared using the most contemporary culinary techniques. Enter an exclusive and modern setting.


The flavors of our land

Treat all your senses to an experience that combines traditional cuisine with 21st century innovation. In the heart of the Salamanca district, discover a 24/7 restaurant designed for lovers of great cuisine. Avant-garde cuisine bursting with authentic flavors, given a new twist with fresh, superior-quality local products.



Inspiration and innovation

We are inspired by traditional recipes and the latest culinary trends to create innovative dining experiences that still evoke Spain’s greatest longstanding traditions. Check out the open kitchen where you can see our exquisite “pork with black-garlic” delicacy being prepared, one of “XXI Century Retro Kitchen’s” most popular options, topping it off with a delicious dessert.

Arado terrace

Enjoy cuisine which tells a story on an innovative terrace on Diego de León Street, in the heart of Madrid. A comfortable and sophisticated space where traditional Spanish flavors meet innovative haute cuisine techniques and the most exclusive service.

We share customs, we create traditions

To create new traditions, you must experience them firsthand. We share our recipes with our diners in a chic designer space where we also sell all the ingredients used in our dishes. From a wide range of different preserves, gourmet ingredients and a selection of some of Spain’s best wines.

Half board in Arado

At the Meliá Madrid Serrano, guests can enjoy the half-board menu for lunch or dinner (beverages not included). An ideal place to experience a warm and elegant vibe.

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