Nobody could ever be surprised that this beautiful city in southern Spain was the favourite destination of the Catholic Monarchs. Its most iconic attraction is the Alhambra, the most spectacular Arab citadel in the world. But the city offers so much more...

Nos hôtels à グラナダ

a circular building with many windows
a woman standing at a reception desk
a man and woman standing at a reception desk
a room with a red couch and a table and chairs
a white tables and chairs outside with snow covered mountains in the background
  • ゲレンデへ直接アクセス
  • スキースクール
  • スパ
a building with flags on the front
  • ウェルネスセンター
  • ジム
  • 会議室
a pool with a slide on it
a building with palm trees
a building with palm trees and a street light
a room with couches and tables
a courtyard with many plants
  • 屋外プール
  • ファミリールーム
  • 専用駐車場
a building with a walkway and a sign on it
a building with lights on it
a reception desk in a hotel
a lobby with a christmas tree
a large room with a fireplace and couches
  • ゲレンデへ直接アクセス
  • スキースクール
  • スパ
a building with a pool of water
a stone building with columns and arches
a close up of a tile
a table with candles and a mirror in a room with a window
a city with trees and mountains in the background
a street with people walking down it
a sign with writing on it
The currency used is the euro. Credit cards are accepted in most places.
The official language is Spanish spoken with a very peculiar and closed accent.
The city has about a hundred free public Wi-Fi hotspots in many squares and municipal buildings.
La météo
Summers are very hot and sunny. And winters are short and cold. The average annual temperature ranges between 0⁰C and 34⁰C.

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