Hue City

The historical and architectural wealth of the former imperial capital of Vietnam is truly amazing. A visit to the Forbidden Purple City, once off limits to anyone not in the emperor’s circle, is an unforgettable experience.

Hidden treasures among the rice fields

Legend has it that the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc hides incalculable riches. A visit is a must if you plan to travel to Hue on holiday. Another major attraction is the Perfume River, the name due to the fact it flows through many forests of aromatic plants. On the banks of the river, the Dong Ba market is home to an immense and colourful choice of local artisan products. The green rice paddies and forest that surround the city allow you to take a photo of one of the most iconic images of Vietnam.

Mata uang
The currency is the dong. We recommend you bring cash. Many businesses do not accept credit cards.
The official language is Vietnamese. People in tourist areas generally speak some basic English.
Wi-Fi is available in much of the city and free in many bars and cafes.
The weather is cool and dry from December to April, and hot and with a lot of rain from May to November.

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