Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians and Arabs have all left their mark on this Spanish city in North Africa. The mixture of cultures and the warm waters of the Mediterranean give it a very special atmosphere.

Between bastions and cisterns

The old town is known as Melilla La Vieja and is one of the largest walled citadels in Spain. It is home to both the Chapel and the Hospital and Apothecary of San Francisco. The Melilla Museum of Sacred Art provides access to Las Cuevas del Conventico, old natural caves that used to be used to hide and later to preserve food. These caves are a Site of Cultural Interest, just like the 40-metre-tall Melilla Lighthouse. A visit to the Galapagos Cove, a beautiful beach in the centre of the city with very clear waters, is another great way to make the most of your stay in Melilla.

Mata uang
The currency used is the euro. We recommend you carry cash as some small businesses do not accept credit cards.
The official language is Spanish, which is spoken by all of the population. Arabic and Berber are also often used.
The main tourist areas and busiest squares in the city provide free Wi-Fi.
The climate is very warm and dry throughout the year. The average temperature is 18⁰C.

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