SYNDEO 餐厅&酒吧

Work and pleasure come together at Syndeo, a restaurant and lounge bar overlooking St. Thomas Church and serving a set menu from Monday to Friday and also catering services for special events.


Discover the pleasures of the modern Gottschedstraße

Head to Syndeo for a business meeting, dinner with friends or a trendy event in the Lounge Bar. Our chef Dirk Büchel will treat your tastebuds to mouthwatering cuisine made with locally sourced, seasonal products. The very art of simplicity.



Views of the famous St. Thomas Church

Enjoy a light lunch, romantic dinner or classy event overlooking the beautiful St. Thomas Church. Undoubtedly one of Leipzig’s most impressive views.

Saturday breakfast party

At Syndeo, the party starts every Saturday. You will be spoiled for choice at this breakfast buffet with live music. Glass of prosecco? Why not?

Lounge Bar

Syndeo is a perfect choice for any occasion. Choose from a wide range of different wines, liqueurs and signature cocktails, and chill out in the lounge bar after a satisfying day of meetings or exploration.

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