Hotelet në Gran Canaria

The white sand and black volcanic lava combine to perfection along the impressive coastline of this Atlantic island. The rural and mountainous interior is a paradise for hikers.

Hotelet tona në Gran Canaria

a pool with people in it
a group of palm trees and buildings
a building with a white wall and balconies
a pool with a hot tub and palm trees
a lobby with a reception desk and chairs
  • Pishinë e jashtme
  • Restorant me bufe
  • Klub fëmijësh
a swimming pool with lounge chairs and a building in the background
a pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas by the ocean
a palm trees and a walkway by the ocean
a living room with a couch and coffee table
a pool with lounge chairs and palm trees
  • Spa
  • Hyrje direkte në plazh
  • Pishinë me rrëshqitje
a group of boats in a body of water
a city with a body of water and boats in the background
a colorful buildings on a rocky cliff by the ocean
a white buildings on a hillside

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