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Отели в Хайфон

A perfect combination of traditions and modernity in the most important port city in Vietnam. One of the best starting points for enjoying the beauty of Halong Bay, the most iconic attraction in Vietnam and declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The gateway to paradise

This is the ideal destination if you want to discover Vietnamese culture in the most authentic way along with all the small pleasures of everyday life in Vietnam. One of them is its magnificent cuisine. In the Do Seafood market you can savour a wide range of dried seafood, one of the regional specialities and greatly appreciated by gourmet diners. Get ready to indulge all your senses! If you plan to travel to Hai Phong on holiday, you should know that flowers paint the city red every summer. That’s why its is commonly known as “the flamboyant city of red flowers”. Du Hang pagoda is the oldest temple in the city and must not be missed.

Наши отели в Хайфон

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Все бренды
a aerial view of a body of water with boats and islands
a body of water with buildings and trees
The official currency is the dong. Many stores only accept payment in cash.
The official language is Vietnamese. Most local people speak some English.
The quality of Internet access is generally good. Many bars and cafés offer free Wi-Fi.
The weather is cold and dry from November to April. From May to October, the heat is intense and there is often rain.

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