Discover the most authentic and traditional Vietnam in this peaceful and beautiful city on the north central coast of Vietnam. Its cultural and natural wealth make it a perfect destination for anyone who loves history and hiking, and it is the starting point for numerous hiking trails.

Culture, nature, traditions and legends

The Monument to General Secretary Tran Phu and the Cultural Centre are two of the most popular attractions in Ha Tinh. But we also recommend you get out of the urban areas and discover the surroundings. Just 44 kilometres away, Vu Quang National Park is home to the saola, an animal that can only be found here and is in danger of extinction. Legend has it that a carp turns into a dragon once a year at the Vu Mon waterfall. A visit to this waterfall that cascades down from a height of more than 200 metres is an experience you must not miss. Huong Tich Pagoda is also a major pilgrimage site for the Vietnamese. Are you ready?

The official currency is the dong. Credit cards are not very widely used. We recommend you carry cash.
The official language is Vietnamese. People who attend the public tend to be fluent in English.
The quality of Internet access is good in hotels. Some bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi.
The weather is cold and rainy from November to April. From May to October, temperatures are very high and there is very little rain.

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