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Вьелья — Валье-де-Аран

In the extreme north-west of the Catalan Pyrenees, this beautiful mountainous area is well known for being home to Baqueira Beret, one of the best ski resorts in Spain. The snow is one of the top attractions, but the area offers so much more when the snow melts away.

a stone building with a tower in front of a mountain

Наши отели в Вьелья — Валье-де-Аран

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The currency used is the euro. Credit cards are accepted in most places.
The local language is Aranese. Spanish and Catalan are also official languages.
Many bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi to customers. Internet access is very good in hotels.
The climate is wet and cold, with temperatures similar to central Europe. In summer the average temperature usually does not reach 20⁰C.

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