Вьелья — Валье-де-Аран

In the extreme north-west of the Catalan Pyrenees, this beautiful mountainous area is well known for being home to Baqueira Beret, one of the best ski resorts in Spain. The snow is one of the top attractions, but the area offers so much more when the snow melts away.

Sport and majestic mountains

Arties is one of the most beautiful villages in this incredible valley, famous for its huge landscapes and mountains: the gateway to Aigüestortes National Park. Taking a tour of the beautiful mountain villages and Romanesque churches is something you must not miss if you visit the Vall d’Arán on holiday. Bossost lies alongside the River Garonne. The river runs through the town which is famous for its hot springs. Vielha is the capital and has great nightlife. It’s also a fantastic base for skiing, hiking and cycling. Ara Park is a wildlife park with animals living in semi-freedom, including white and grey wolves, bears, deer, lynxes and vultures. The Bausén forest is home to the ancient Carlac beech trees. Stunningly beautiful, like everything else in this amazing natural environment.

The currency used is the euro. Credit cards are accepted in most places.
The local language is Aranese. Spanish and Catalan are also official languages.
Many bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi to customers. Internet access is very good in hotels.
The climate is wet and cold, with temperatures similar to central Europe. In summer the average temperature usually does not reach 20⁰C.

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