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The capital of the Spanish Costa Dorada is an ideal destination for a family holiday. Ten kilometres of beach mean that there’s something for everyone: from relaxing in the sun to lots and lots of adventure.

Family adventures

If you’re planning on spending your holidays in Cambrils, you should know that it’s really hard to get bored in this beautiful fishing town surrounded by mountains. The evenings host some of the most fun-packed experiences on the Catalan coast. It also offers first-class cuisine with many traditional fish dishes, and an endless choice of coastal or inland routes for hiking and cycling. Among its 10 beaches, the most popular are l’Ardiaca, El Dorado and La Riera. All of them provide opportunities for endless water activities such as sailing, water-skiing, scuba diving or kayaking. If you’re looking for something different to the beach, don’t forget to wander around the old town of Cambrils or Samà Park, declared a public heritage site. If you’re in the mood for more adventure, the Port Aventura theme park is very close!

The currency used is the euro. Credit card payment is accepted in most places.
The official languages are Spanish and Catalan. People who serve the public often speak the main European languages.
Residents and visitors can get online from any of the free public Wi-Fi hotspots.
The weather is warm. The average annual temperature is 16⁰C. Summers are not very rainy.

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