Did you know that there is a Heaven on earth? It’s the top beach in the Mexican Caribbean for diving and seeing starfish. One of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving.

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a beach with a group of buildings and trees
a beach with palm trees and buildings
a beach with buildings and trees
a row of wooden desks in a room
a lobby with a marble floor and a white couch
  • Рядом с пляжем
  • Оздоровительная программа
  • Ресторан с обслуживанием «шведский стол»
a group of benches in front of a building
a turtle swimming in the ocean
a person swimming in clear water
boats in the water with boats
a coral reef with blue sponges
The official currency is the Mexican peso. We recommend you bring cash as some places do not accept credit cards.
The official language is Spanish. Thanks to tourism, a large part of the population knows some basic English.
The quality of Internet access is very good in hotels. Bars and restaurants also normally offer free Wi-Fi.
The weather is warm throughout the year. The temperature varies between 19⁰C and 31⁰C. Humidity levels are very high and increase the sensation of heat.

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