The streets of the Greek capital are redolent of the history of the great classics of Western civilization. The modern urban atmosphere contrasts with the architecture of the ancient buildings of the Acropolis or the Agora.

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a building with many windows and a street in the background
a room with chairs and tables
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  • ウェルネスセンター
  • ジム
  • 会議室
a city with a large building on top of it
a building with columns and statues on top of it
a city with buildings and a hill in the background
a group of people sitting at tables in a street
The currency used is the euro. Some small businesses only accept payment in cash.
The official language is modern Greek. People who attend the public often speak the main European languages.
Most public places have free Wi-Fi.
The weather is generally warm. The average annual temperature is around 18⁰C.

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