Founded by the Romans and loved by the Venetians, this city is full of history. The beaches and crystal-clear waters, the cobbled streets full of history and the magnificent port fill this location on the Istrian Peninsula with beauty.

Our hotels in ポレッチ

a body of water with buildings and trees
a room with white couches and tables
a bowl of fruit on a table overlooking a pool
a table with food on it and a cup of coffee on it
a patio with wicker furniture and a pool of water
a room with couches and chairs
  • Wi-Fi
  • 屋外プール
  • レストラン
a room with chairs and a door
a group of people riding bicycles
a massage room with a white bed and toilet
a table and chairs on a patio
a reception desk in a hotel
  • ウェルネスセンター
  • ジム
  • キッズクラブ
a table and chairs on a patio
a room with a reception desk and a couch
a building with trees and bushes
a walkway with white railings and trees and flowers
a playground with trees and buildings in the background
  • キッズクラブ
  • 屋外プール
  • お子様用遊び場
a courtyard with flowers and buildings
a pan of cooked mussels

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