A Coruña

On dit que le littoral abrite le plus beau son marin du monde. Si la simple vue de l'eau vous détend, préparez-vous à découvrir les meilleures installations de thalassothérapie et les plus délicieux fruits de mer.

Nos hôtels à A Coruña

a statue in a fountain in front of a building
a statue of a surfer in a fountain in front of a building
a glass building with a view of the water and a beach
a room with blue chairs and a table
a room with a table and chairs
  • Salle de gym 24h/24
  • Salles de réunions
  • Événements
a body of water with boats in it
a group of lights from a wire in front of a building
an aerial view of a city and water
a row of buildings with balconies
a tall tower with a steeple with Tower of Hercules in the background

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