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Driving along the Estrada da Escarpa road, 300 metres above the sea, leads to this beautiful city near Lisbon in Portugal. Its beaches with fine, white sand and emerald waters are the ideal place to forget all about stress.

A great place to disconnect

Sierra de Arrábida National Park is home to beaches and mountains with thick vegetation. A beautiful place to combine the sea and hiking. If you’re thinking of visiting Setúbal, we recommend a walk along the lively Luisa Todi Avenue and a visit to the Convent of Jesus. Visiting the Sao Filipe Fort and Palmela Castle are also experiences you must not miss. The Franciscan Convent of Arrábida produces the region’s famous muscat and the shepherds make a delicious creamy cheese. Quinta da Bacalhoa is a Renaissance palace surrounded by vineyards and gardens. From the port of Setúbal, there is a ferry that takes just a few minutes to get to the Troia peninsula, an environmental paradise with kilometres of beaches, dunes and vegetation.

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The currency used is the euro. You can withdraw cash at ATMs and exchange foreign currency at banks.
The official language is Portuguese. If you speak Spanish they will probably be able to understand you.
The quality of Internet access is very good in hotels. In remote areas the signal may not be as good.
The temperature over the year ranges from 7⁰C to 30⁰C. Summers are hot and sunny, winters are cold and windy.

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