If there are two things Munich residents are proud of, they’re the Oktoberfest and the Bayern Munich football team. But the capital of Bavaria has many, many more attractions than that. Want to see for yourself?

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a street with cars parked on it
a lobby with a reception desk and chairs
a reception desk in a building
a room with a bar and chairs
a room with a bar and chairs
  • 체육관
  • 미팅룸
  • 프라이빗 미팅룸
a low angle view of a skyscraper
a building with glass walls and a walkway
a building with glass doors
a room with white furniture and a glass table
  • 24시간 체육 시설
  • 미팅룸
  • 연회
a sign outside of a building
a building with a glass front entrance
a lobby of a building with a reception desk and art on the wall
a room with white furniture and glass walls
a group of chairs in a room
  • 체육관
  • 미팅룸
  • 연회
a large ornate hallway with art on the ceiling
a group of people clinking glasses of beer
a building with a blue light
a spiral staircase in front of a building
a city with many buildings and a cloudy sky
The official currency is the euro. Although you can pay by credit or debit card in most places, we recommend you bring cash.
The official language is German. Most residents speak English without many problems.
4G coverage is guaranteed in practically the entire city, which also has several free Wi-Fi hotspots.
The proximity to the Alps makes winters very cold and long. In summer, temperatures are very nice.

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