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Ирина Меркушева



Отличная гостица.Свой пляж песочный.Очень подходит семьям с детками.Есть детский уголок с бассейном.

Herbert Schmitt



Alles super und alle nett

Florian Grötsch



Sehr schönes Hotel auf einer noch schöneren Insel. Wie können das Hotel uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Besonders angenehm ist das jederzeit freundliche und gut gelaunte Personal.

Chris Brooks



Wonderful hotel! Well maintained and beautifully presented! Friendly staff, great food and in an amazing location! Our new favourite place in Greece! Will be returning as soon as we can!!!... the sooner the better!!

Itay Shahar



We stayed at this hotel from May 6th to May 16th. We had a pleasant time, but this is certainly not a 5-star hotel. + Positives: 1. Location: The location of this hotel is perfect for someone who wants to relax and also be able to walk to a nearby city. Just outside of the hotel is Stalis with many restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc. It's a great option for someone who wants to stay at a resort but doesn't want to take a taxi everytime he wants to go out. 2. Service: The service of the team in the main restaurant is fabulous. They are all very nice and looking to help. The supervisors who are always checking to see that everything is functioning well are extremely nice. The chef is also very nice. 3. The Rooms: We received a nice ground floor room overlooking the pool. The room is well designed and spacious enough for everything you need. The shower and bathroom are also modern and well functioning. - Negatives: 1. Attention to detail: We came here to celebrate our anniversary. When we mentioned this during our booking process, I emailed the front office manager (Mrs. Konsolaki) and she even asked to know when our anniversary is, and I replied with the date. We didn't come with expectations, but even a letter with a blessing or anything would have been nice. We received NOTHING on our anniversary day. I don't need anything, but this is supposed to be a 5-star hotel. How do you not put a letter or a balloon or something just to show that you are aware that it is our anniversary day? Luckily, during our evening dinner, one of the managers spoke to us and we told him its our anniversary today and he was shocked that we didn't receive anything, so he quickly made the chef bring us a small cake during dinner. This was nice of him to do. 2. The rooms have ants that come from outside the door. We realized this only in our 3rd day, and didn't want to start dealing with moving rooms or chemicals in our room, so we just lived with it. 3. The buffet: The food is fresh and generally tasty, but the variety is quite limited. I've been to many hotels in my lifetime, and most 5x the variety of food that Blue Sea Beach has. Also, many of the dishes are not labeled, so you have no idea what you are taking. One dish was labeled 'Noodles with vegetables' and had chicken inside. 4. Entertainment: The entertainment was very limited. Every evening there was a show at 9pm, but most of them were lousy. The only good show was that of 'RDR Extreme live Trio' on Mondays. 5. Kids club: We came with our 2-year old daughter and expected a nice kids club. The indoor kids club looks like nobody invested in it, there are a few tables and chairs and some pencils. The outside has a children playground, which is nice. There was one lady from Hungary there who works for the hotel who disturbed us more than helped. She kept taking the toys away from the children so that she can clean. 6. The pools: We were excited to swim in the 'heated indoor pool'. Unfortunately, the room of the indoor pool looks abandoned and untaken care of. It smells bad, is small, and is COLD. When we complained about the cold pool, we were told that it's the right temperature. I have no idea who thinks this is the right temperature for a heated pool. We checked again later and it still was cold. Before our last day, we told reception that we would be leaving early, and they told us we can sign up for an early breakfast. Unfortunately, we found a few pieces of bread and cheese, and coffee. That's it. When we told reception he said he is sorry and that there were people before us who had early breakfast and that they probably ate everything. I couldn't believe that was the answer he gave me. We had a pleasant time because of the location and the service of the restaurant staff. We came to this hotel after we received a recommendation from an association I am part of in Germany. Unfortunately, I can not recommend this hotel further and will not return here in the future. With some improvements this hotel can become great, but they need to work on strengthening their weak points.

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Vicino a Heraklion, la capitale di Creta

Spiaggia di Stalis

Un luogo in cui perdere tempo

Ammos a la Carte

Un menu delizioso per occasioni speciali

Piscine fantastiche

Due piscine d'acqua dolce e un'altra per bambini


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Divertimento e tempo libero

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