Exceptional experiences

Start your unique experience with views of Palma Bay and the cathedral before boarding a traditional Mallorcan boat and taking in the Serra de Tramuntana, or drifting over vineyards and olive trees in a hot-air balloon before rounding off a perfect trip with local olive oil or wine tasting.


Land, air and the Mediterranean Sea

Mallorca offers top-quality, varied, unique and unforgettable experiences. Can you imagine drifting over the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and its protected vineyards sipping a wonderful local wine, or feasting your eyes on the beauty of the island as you bob peacefully on the turquoise sea. The very essence of this paradise island.


Balearic roots

There is nothing tastier than typical Mallorcan delicacies. Breathe in the salty sea air from a llaüt or take in the local culture in Palma’s old town.

Mediterranean cuisine

Wine and olive oil are key components of a Mediterranean diet. Try mouthwatering varieties during your stay, as well as other local delicacies.

Varied landscapes

Discover jaw-dropping landscapes on land, in the air or at sea. Take in the magic of Mallorca from a traditional sailing boat or drift over the island in a hot-air balloon.

Exclusive brands

Mallorca is a great shopping destination. Head to Passeig des Born and check out all the top designer shops, including Escada, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry.


Did you know that the Serra de Tramuntana is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site? Board a helicopter and take in the stunning views, before visiting a local XVII-century olive-oil farm.

This gourmet product is a key component of the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy it on a visit to the Son Moragues estate, and discover how they produce exclusive organic olive oil using locally-grown olives.

Nothing beats a day’s shopping, unless you are driven there in a Rolls Royce. Take a break in Forn de Sant Joan, and stroll through the town centre, ending the day with a delicious tasting menu at Marga Coll’s exclusive Arrels Restaurant.

Don’t miss a unique opportunity to take in a Mallorcan sunrise from on high. Enjoy a sumptuous picnic from a handcrafted hamper with local tapas paired with the best wines from the Ferrer and Ribas vineyards.

Feel the waves bobbing gently beneath you as you drift along in a traditional llaüt. Close your eyes: time really can stand still.

Stroll through the vineyards before settling down to an exclusive wine-tasting session led by an expert sommelier who will guide you through the history of Mallorcan wine. As night falls, let our prestigious chefs treat your tastebuds to a mouthwatering dinner with live show cooking.

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