Hotelet në Montego Bay

In a prime location in the Caribbean, in the northeast of Jamaica, this beautiful bay is a perfect destination if you’re looking for total relaxation. Some people even say that Doctor’s Cave Beach has healing properties!

The pleasure of total relaxation

Popularly known as MoBay, its crystal-clear waters allow a perfect view of the stunning coral reef that lines the Jamaican coast. Montego Bay Marine Park is a great place to dive and see all the schools of tropical fish. On land, you can dance to the beat of reggae music throughout the city, discover the British colonial architecture or learn more about the most famous Jamaican at the Bob Marley Experience and Theatre. Other great things to do in Montego Bay include cooling off under the waterfalls of the YS and Dunn Rivers, or rafting down the Marthe Brae, a 32-kilometre river with turquoise-coloured water that winds its way through the rainforests in the interior of Jamaica.

Hotelet tona në Montego Bay

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  • Qendër Wellness
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The official currency is the Jamaican dollar. We recommend you carry cash if you want to buy in small shops or from street stalls.
The language is a variant of English known as Jamaican English, with a lot of words from indigenous languages.
Internet access is good in hotels. A signal may not be available in places far away from urban areas.
The warm weather throughout the year is one of the great attractions of the city. The average temperature is 24⁰C.

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