This amazing port city is one of the liveliest and most charming cities in Germany. You’ll love its architecture, canals and enduring maritime ambience. And also all the music!

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a building next to a river
a building with trees and a street
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  • Palestër
  • Dhoma takimesh
  • Parkim aty pranë
a group of metal statues on a sidewalk
a multi-story building with a curved corner
a city with lights and people
a boat on the water
The official currency is the euro. Currency exchange offices are also open on weekends.
The official language is German, although a Hamburg dialect is also spoken which has some variations in pronunciation.
Some buildings offer free Wi-Fi to visitors. The quality of the connection is very good in hotels.
Summer is very mild and pleasant, and winter is long and cold. The temperature varies between -1⁰C and 23⁰C.

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