Hoteluri în Menorca

This bucolic Mediterranean island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of immense beauty, with an extremely well protected and conserved natural environment. The turquoise blue of the water that fills its coves and laps its beaches is truly unique. On the island, the holiday sensation is eternal.

Hotelurile noastre în Menorca

a bedroom with a television and a large window
a hot tub on a deck overlooking a body of water
a table and chairs on a deck with trees and water in the background
a beach with boats and a body of water
  • Sală de sport
  • Clubul Copiilor
  • Piscină în aer liber
a swimming pool with a large building and palm trees
a large white hall with blue lights
a room with a bed and a table and chairs
a restaurant with tables and chairs
  • Clubul Copiilor
  • Piscină în aer liber
  • Zonă de joacă pentru copii
a pool with a table and chairs
a pool with lounge chairs and trees in the background
a group of kids in a pool
a pool with people around it
  • Clubul Copiilor
  • Splash Park
  • Grădiniță
a pool with a deck overlooking the ocean
a pool with a fountain and chairs around it
a deck with a chair and a table overlooking the ocean
a living room with a table and chairs
  • Spa
  • Sală de sport deschisă 24 de ore
  • Clubul Copiilor
a narrow street with white buildings
a group of colorful shoes
a white archways with blue arches
a beach with trees and rocks
a large stone structure in a field
a boat in the water
a harbor with boats and buildings in the background
a building on a cliff by the water

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