INNSiDE Saigon Central provides dining experiences full of creative cuisine and combining local and international dishes. All accompanied by a great choice of tasty cocktails and drinks.


In the heart of Vietnam

Step into our open-plan living and dining space. Try Old Market's innovative dining concepts and delicious and refreshing drinks. A modern ambience which is perfect for starting the day right with a tasty breakfast, enjoying a quick business lunch or ending the day with a family dinner.



Breakfast with us

Savour our healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning. An extensive choice of delicious products to boost your energy for work or for exploring every corner of Ho Chi Minh City. Recharge your batteries with our chef's creations based on local ingredients and international dishes. Delicious!

Surprising dishes

Savour reinterpretations of traditional culinary concepts made with local ingredients from the east and west. An exceptional avant-garde dining experience with drinks that will leave you speechless. A creative menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner to make you feel totally at home in the most fashionable setting.

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