• 城市美景
  • 双人床
  • 204.52 平方英尺


a room with a bed and a television


  • 城市美景
  • 大号床
  • 409.03 平方英尺

A perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. With an open-plan design, it’s the perfect option if you need more space. It provides a bedroom with a king-size bed, TV and desk, a lounge with a sofa-bed, and a fully equipped kitchen.

a bed with a brown blanket and a table in front of a window

One Bedroom Apartment

  • 城市美景
  • 超大床
  • 441.32 平方英尺

Savour the pleasant sensation of feeling entirely at home and being able to discover London at your own pace. It provides a bedroom, lounge and kitchen, as well as large windows with views over the city.


  • luxury
  • premium
  • essential