Katmandú Adventures

Katmandú Adventures is a new resort club experience for kids, and at Sol Príncipe you can now enjoy all the services with your family. An amazing and fun experience that you won’t find elsewhere.


Legendary holidays

Action-packed days with spectacular games areas and activities inspired by the myths and legends of Katmandú. Every day will bring new experiences to remember. Join our magnificent monitors, the Navigators, in charge of supervising the kids and making sure they have fun at all times.



Children join Maya and Kumar in the marvellous Enchanted Forest, where their imaginations come to life and fantasy and surprises are waiting around every corner.

Round-the-clock children’s games and activities, parties, mini-disco, sports, mini-golf, cooking classes, arts and crafts or water games, to make sure they are really tired out by the end of the day.

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