Buena Vista Restaurant

A buffet concept that transforms breakfast or dinner into a colourful display of creativity based on the healthiest seasonal cuisine. Dishes for everyone, prepared before your eyes.


Superior quality cuisine

Discover the best incentive to get out of bed every morning: a delicious breakfast. And every evening, our chefs will take you on a journey to a different culinary destination in places such as South America, the Mediterranean or the Far East. Healthy dining options which you can enjoy accompanied by the gentle sea breeze and views of the sea and the mountains.


Breakfast buffet

Enjoy a breakfast with show cooking and an extensive choice of hot dishes, sweet and savoury specialities, fresh fruit, purifying and antioxidant juices, natural smoothies, cold cuts and artisan cheeses. In addition to breads of all kinds and pastries from nearby bakeries. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee will arouse your senses.

Tenerife delicacies

Exotic dishes that combine to perfection with flavours deeply rooted in Canary Islands traditions that depending on the products supplied by our garden, the farm and the waters of Tenerife. The buffet also includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options that are also inspired creations with their own particular character.

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