Two truly great professionals, a chef from Malaga and a maître from Seville, have come together with the noble objective of increasing the appreciation of local cuisine and promoting locally sourced ingredients. A culinary experience, home made and designed to delight.


Traditional tastes of Malaga

D.O.M. brings all the most delicious flavours of the land and the sea to your table. Discover the spirit of Malaga as you sample a wide range of delicacies, tapas, traditional dishes and an exclusive cocktail bar. Savour an à la carte dinner in a comfortable and dynamic ambience. Only open in high season.



Committed to local products

Home-made cuisine that aims to introduce guests to local products and the most authentic flavours.

The essence of Malaga

A menu inspired by traditional Malaga cuisine. Classic dishes and recipes reinterpreted to offer dining experiences to surprise our guests.

The perfect pairing

Accompany your dish with a choice of local wines, and discover some of the specialities of the best wineries in Malaga.

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