Contemporary restaurant where traditional Mediterranean ingredients and a large dose of creativity come together.


Tradition and innovation

Elegance and classic design, served in equal measures. Our dishes are based on deep-rooted tradition and a healthy dose of creativity, and served in a dreamlike setting with stunning panoramic views over Palma Bay.



Culinary reinvention

In Basque cuisine, only the best is good enough: top-quality meat, shellfish, fish, vegetables, and much more. Dishes draw on a combination of French and Spanish culinary traditions, and the result is mouthwatering.

Master Griller

Our Master Griller cooks meat on an open-air grill, offering diners exquisite Spanish cuisine with an international twist, paired with a great choice of the best Spanish wines.

A table with a view

Even the best food tastes even better when it is enjoyed overlooking Palma Bay and the cathedral. Looking for a more romantic atmosphere? Enjoy a moonlight candlelit dinner, and let the sound of the waves serenade you and that special someone.

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