Katmandú Park

A spectacular theme park for all the family within the hotel grounds! Katmandu Park offers visitors a journey through time, full of imagination and full of fun for all. With fascinating experiences for the most adventurous… and also for those less daring. Freedom to discover, to play, and to enjoy.


Each attraction is a new world to discover

More than 10 interactive attractions that use state-of-the-art technology to take you on a journey to distant worlds, through crazy mansions, underwater kingdoms or the Wild West. And always accompanied by all of our mythical characters! An awesome theme park which guarantees hours and hours of fun.


The friendliest people!

And it’s not only us that says so. Our Steampunk staff have earned that fame due to their skills in ensuring that everyone has unforgettable days full of fun. Would you like to meet them?

Freedom with the Play Pass

Lots of free fun just for staying at the hotel! Every guest gets a Play Pass bracelet that allows access to a selection of Katmandu Park attractions. The Sol Katmandu PLAY PASS requires a minimum stay of 2 nights.

Play on a different level with Play Pass Gold

For a small extra charge, you can get the Gold Play Pass, giving you unlimited access to ALL the attractions in Katmandu Park during your stay. For visitors who want it all!


Explore this amazing upside-down house and discover a world beyond imagination. Room after room, with interactive games, illusions, mythical creatures... And above all, plenty of fun!

Join the adventures of an abandoned kitten called Thunder who stumbles upon the strangest house imaginable. The mysterious residents will do everything they can to get you to leave. Give him your help!

You have a mission: to break into a laboratory defended by robots. Choose between the Laser Challenge, for the most agile visitors, and Laser Buster for the little ones. Fun guaranteed for all!

Explore the mythical underwater kingdom of Katopia and the most fascinating adventures you can imagine. A water park with a water fortress, twisting slides, interactive water elements, drenching buckets that release water... and many more surprises!

Katopia welcomes younger adventurers. Designed for children up to 12 years of age with a special area for kids aged 2 to 5. Everyone will experience sensations they’ll never ever forget.

Welcome to a new dimension of emotions. Jump to the heart of the action and choose between 4 incredible adventures. Everybody get ready to fly, twist and turn... and laugh!

The dead have risen! Take your weapons because you’ve been chosen to end the zombie apocalypse. Only the fastest and most accurate will become heroes. Will you manage to survive?

Balthazar Salazar, the mad scientist, has done it again. He’s created an army of cowboy robots to help him. Jump on the wagon and make your way down the river in a crazy chase in the American Wild West!

Put your skills to the test and become a mini-golf legend. Two great courses in two mythical kingdoms: fire and ice. Who will be the best in the family?

Posse members, make sure you have your blaster handy as you enter the Wild West. Take a simulated horseback ride and take down the bad guys to get your reward. Saddle up, take aim and fire!

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