Katmandú Adventures®

The Sol Katmandú Park & Resort children’s activities programme allows our youngest guests the freedom to play, imagine, create and enjoy adventures. Every day from 11am to 1pm and from 3pm to 5pm, they can become awesome explorers and have fun like never before


A legendary holiday

Katmandu Adventures® is our resort experiences brand specially designed for kids. Game days and activities inspired by the myths and legends of Katmandu. New experiences to enjoy and remember every day, always accompanied by our Navigators. An amazing, fun-packed experience it’s impossible to have anywhere else.



Unique and entertaining activities every day, specially designed to help make new friends and create unforgettable memories. Expeditions, Olympic games, mini-disco for afternoons and evenings, or dancing at breakfast with Boro!

Designed to spark their imagination and creativity, Katmandu Adventures® offers a choice of different programmes for children: Dreamers (8 months - 4 years of age), Explorers (aged 5 to 8) and Rangers (aged 9 to 12).

All our games and activities are supervised at all times by our Navigators, a professional team trained to enjoy the activities with them and make their stay simply unforgettable.

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