Syndeo Restaurant

With 3 different spaces and 2 terraces, guests can enjoy tasty fusion cuisine at any time of the day. Recipes from around the world, full of Asian and Andean influences combined with typical Mallorcan ingredients.


From the Peruvian Andes to Japan

The all-day dining service at the INNSiDE Palma Bosque allows you to savour almost 40 original dishes at any time of the day. A diverse and constantly changing menu is the cornerstone of an informal and delicious dining experience. And we also serve gluten-free dishes (check in reception when booking).



Syndeo breakfast buffet

Start the day with an energy boost at the splendid breakfast buffet, focused on healthy, fresh and local products. A nutritious dining space with gluten-free options (check in reception when booking).

Healthy, Nikkei or Josper

Choose between the flavours of Peru, Japan or delicious grilled dishes. We’re perfectly prepared to delight even the most discerning diners.

Lovely atmosphere

Enjoy the select and sophisticated ambience in a relaxed and comfortable space. A recommended place to enjoy both alone and in company.

Syndeo Restaurant

Savour the most original and audacious recipes, with a combination of authentic island flavours and other more exotic ingredients.

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