After-dinner experiences

The hotel itself is the venue for an authentic dining experience that defines Spanish culture and is loved by one and all: the after-dinner experience.The fruit of good food and even better company, gives rise to a culinary experience that will forever remain in the memory of diners.


The pleasure of stopping time

The most rewarding pleasures in life are found in tiny details or ancestral traditions. In something as simple as staying together at the table after a meal, prolonging the event, stopping time, savoring the flavors enjoyed at the table and a good conversation.



A genuinely Spanish experience that is loved by all those who discover it. Accompanied by coffees, teas and spirits, a way of understanding life that is as delicious as our blueberry sponge with salted caramel bonbons. Palacio de los Duques Gran Meliá honors an exquisite Spanish tradition that lengthens the evenings around the table, with relaxed conversations accompanied by delicatessen flavors and aromatic coffee.

Our special menu suggests starting with a choice of tapas with an artisan vermouth and Madrid beer and ending with a sherry mojito with lime and mint. The Torres brothers and their trusted chef, Damián González, then serve up five magnificent dishes with different textures and surprises. After this veritable banquet, the best after-dinner conversations become a genuine pleasure.

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