International and Mediterranean cuisine with an innovative flair. Just like a mosaic, the restaurant creates a mixture of irresistible flavors based on the finest recipes in all of the traditional styles of cuisine in Europe.


The essence of the Mediterranean in Madrid

Mosaico brings together flavors from all over the continent in its menu and delivers first-class dining experiences that combine tradition with authenticity. A menu with Mediterranean influences that invites you to share starters with the finest natural ingredients followed by rice, pasta, fish and meat dishes. For dessert, something home-made.



Culinary journey

The Mosaico experience proposes a journey through the finest Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of innovation and an insistence on only superior-quality locally sourced ingredients.

Tradition and eclecticism

Traditional ingredients and recipes reinterpreted by our chef, who adapts traditional recipes to the cosmopolitan tastes of Meliá Madrid Princesa’s guests.

Perfect pairing

Combine this creative signature cuisine with the best wine pairing from a choice of some of the finest wines in Spain.

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