A world of fun

Sol Lanzarote promises a magical experience for kids. Always supervised by the Navigators, our specialist and experienced monitors, every day is packed with adventures for kids. Playground with imaginative activities and creative workshops that help them discover more about local culture. A legendary holiday that they will never want to end. Programme available according to the season and subject to change.


An enchanted forest

With our Navigators wandering around the hotel, kids will learn about life in the “Enchanted Forest”, the birthplace of imagination and a border between reality and fantasy.

Navigators in command

At the helm of all the adventures are our Navigators. Friendly and creative qualified monitors responsible for organising the most incredible activities.

To the beat of the music

A mini-disco every afternoon so they can dance non-stop! Music, games, shows and balloon twisting. Activities depend on the season and the number of children in attendance.


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