Wellness Centre

A 235 m2 Wellness Centre with an indoor swimming pool, full gym and cabins for beauty treatments and massages. A chance to forget all your concerns and obligations and just reconnect with your inner self during your stay on the coast of Huelva.


Extend your well-being

Simply taking a few days off for some “me time” on the beautiful coast of Huelva is a positive start to improving your general well-being. Our Wellness Centre allows you to extend these benefits during your stay, with 235 m2 of space with cabins for massages and treatments, an indoor pool and a fully equipped gym.



Take a dip in the relaxed and private ambience of our 64 m2 indoor pool with low-intensity lighting, a lounger area and scented candles. The perfect place to switch off. Reservation required.

Feeling good about yourself is not just a whim, it’s what well-being is all about. That’s why we provide professional massage and beauty treatments during your visit to Isla Canela to help you feel good both inside and out. Reservation required.

Whether you want to nourish your hair after so many hours of sun and beach, style your hair before a special dinner date, or simply surprise your loved ones with a new look, Meliá Atlántico Isla Canela has a hairdressing service available at all times. On request and with prior reservation.

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