Pools and Splash Park

At Sol Marbella Estepona - Atalaya Park you don’t have to go to the beach to take a dip. With all the different pools and the Splash Park play area for kids, everything is perfect for enjoying hours and hours of fun or relaxation in or out of the water. You’ll never want to leave!


A special place for everyone

Every member of the family has their area. Guests who love to just swim a few lengths, guests who love to play and have fun with water jets and guests who prefer to just relax on a sunbed alongside the water. The pools at Sol Marbella Estepona - Atalaya Park are perfect for everyone.



We have three different areas: a 2000 m3 central pool for the whole family, a quiet area with 2 pools for adults, one of them with whirlpools, and a special children's pool for the little ones.

Kids will also enjoy the Splash Park, our water-fun area with water guns, slides, and many more experiences!

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