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We present the new The Kidsdom children's programme! An innovative and exciting world for kids where, in addition to having lots of fun, they can also learn about important things like caring for the planet. Meliá Zahara Atlanterra's activities club is the place to get information about activities, shows and excursions that you might be interested in. Enjoy the summer months with a great entertainment programme during the day and in the evenings, in which both children and adults will find something to do.


New The Kidsdom Programme

The Kidsdom is much more than just a children's activity programme, it’s a place for learning, having fun and making friends. The kids will be able to play, have fun and also learn about such important things as taking care of our planet. A unique place.



Three new clubs for different age groups with activities adapted to their age: Seeds (from 8 months to 4 years of age /baby club), Buds (5 to 7 years of age) and Trees (8 to 10 years of age). Buds and Trees share the same space in the mini-club, but the activities are different and adapted to their age group. Open from June to September with daytime and evening activities.

Daytime and evening activities programme for children (depending on season). Mini check-in, games on the terrace, games in the pool, Mini Olympics, yoga for kids, multi-game treasure Hunt, T-shirt painting workshop (*), Foam party, flash Dance, cinema, mini disco and children’s parties.

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