Embark on a fascinating culinary journey in a place where the waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet and intermingle. The Alevante Restaurant is an original proposal from the Michelin-starred chef Ángel León. A tribute to the sea through his most alluring dishes.


A tribute to the sea

A restaurant that pays homage to the unexpected richness of all the flavours of the sea. Ángel León and the chef Héctor Sánchez have transformed their revolutionary vision of cuisine into a choice of dishes based on the wisdom of local fishermen and unlimited creativity.



Michelin star

Awarded a Michelin star and a Sol from the Repsol Guide, Alevante is a journey through some of the most successful dishes from the man who created Aponiente (three Michelin stars and a National Gastronomy Award), featuring some of the most iconic creations of the Chef of the Sea. A wave of sensations that reveal a devotion to local products and the biodiversity of the Atlantic.

A taste of salt

Immerse yourself in this stimulating marine experience with a choice of two tasting menus: the Grand Menu consisting of seventeen dishes or the Selection Menu with fourteen dishes. Both of them feature specialities like the marinated moray eel, roasted oyster, capers from the land and sea, and the sea bass tartar. More than one hundred wines from the Cadiz region selected by the sommelier Juan Ruiz Henestrosa make their own contribution to this exciting journey.

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