Katmandu adventures

They also deserve a holiday! Especially if they are as creative and spectacular as the holiday that awaits them at Sol Pelícanos Ocas. Activities and fun, always under supervision. Activities in which their imagination will take them to the origin of the legend of Katmandu. And a children’s area they will never want to leave. Even you will wish you were a kid again.


Once upon a time…

Stop telling tales and make memories with a holiday that the little ones will never forget. They can discover the origin of the legend of Katmandu, a magical universe in which they are the stars. Under the careful supervision of our Navigators, they will enjoy new adventures and experiences in which they only have to remember to have fun.



Encourage them to enter a very special forest. Maia and Kumar, two magical characters, will accompany them as they discover a mysterious place between the real world and a fantasy kingdom. A dream that only they can make come true.

While you relax, they have non-stop fun in an area specially created for children. Dancing to their favourite songs. “Baby shark do, do, do, do…”. Blowing out their special birthday candles. Drawing stars and bringing them down from the sky. At Sol Pelícanos Ocas they are the kings and queens and the heart of the party.

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