Cielo Sky 酒吧&餐厅

A restaurant and skybar where one minute you're enjoying tapas, and the next dancing to DJ music with a cocktail in hand and admiring the spectacular views of Amsterdam.


A cocktail with a view

Located on the 19th floor of the hotel, this restaurant serves a delicious combination of modern Spanish cuisine and "not-so-classic" cocktails in the liveliest ambience. The long tables invite you to share a feast of tapas with friends or colleagues, or you can also choose to sit at the bar.



Pure eclecticism

Cielo is a place where the sky is almost literally the limit. One minute you're working, and the next you're dancing in the moonlight and admiring the spectacular panoramic views of stunning Amsterdam. And why not start the day with breakfast in the clouds? That's how close Cielo is to heaven. We have a DJ several days a week to turn up the heat a little further.


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