Khám phá 4 nhà hàng và quán bar của chúng tôi

Darna 餐厅

  • 现场煮食
  • 街景

A buffet restaurant with show cooking with delicious dining options for the entire family. Savour the local Moroccan dishes and try other international flavours, such as Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisine.


  • 地方美食
  • 专属景观

Enjoy the authentic Moroccan flavour while admiring the beautiful views. A wide range of different types of tea and coffee to accompany Moroccan and Arab pastries.


  • 小吃
  • 专属景观

The best of Spanish cuisine to accompany your holidays in Morocco. A restaurant where you can enjoy tasty tapas to a background of live music.

Majmar Bar

  • 燃木炉
  • 泳池景观

With incredible views of the pool, savour delicious cocktails and dishes such as excellent pizzas made in our traditional wood-fired oven. Ideal for sharing unforgettable experiences with the family.

Khám phá thương hiệu của chúng tôi

  • luxury
  • premium
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