Events and happenings

Enjoy music, art, fine dining in a unique setting. All this and more can be yours in just a few clicks. Thanks to ME Cabo’s numerous partnerships with the best creative minds from all over the world, we can offer pioneering design, modern art, innovative cuisine and top-notch entertainment in our exclusive Skybar & Tapas and Taboo Beach Club.


The hottest Mexican and international party in town

We invite our guests to discover the best work of top artists, designers, actors, photographers, craftsmen, DJs, musicians and chefs. ME Cabo’s cultural program is next to none, influenced by the world’s most creative talent, bringing the most innovative contemporary culture to our hotel.



At ME Cabo, there is something for everyone. Discover the most innovative cultural trends and the typical Cabo lifestyle all in one place.

Rosa Negra Group to offer you mouthwatering cuisine in Cabo’s trendiest settings, including the Confessions Skybar & Tapas, Taboo Beach Club & Restaurant and Funky Geisha.

We work alongside a community of local and international promoters and creators to bring you a constantly updated schedule of award-winning DJs, live music and other exciting events.

Check out Scarlett Baily’s impressive mural at the hotel entrance, the elegant lobby, the famous wooden walkway leading to the beach and many more unmissable features in ME Cabo.

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