Discover treatments, massages, and rituals at our YHI Spa. Our expert team will recommend the service that suits your needs best and will take care of every detail to ensure you enjoy a unique Jamaican experience. Pamper yourself at YHI Spa!


Delivering wellness

A temple of calm, with a great choice of treatments designed to inspire relaxation and restore balance to both body and mind. Set in a privileged environment, this spa in Jamaica is designed to stimulate all your senses. Enjoy the friendly and attentive service, relax with a massage and discover all the benefits of this unique experience.



A unique moisturizing treatment that includes a body scrub to remove dead skin and prepare your body for our moisturizing wrap. Your skin will feel hydrated, soft, and supple.

A great treatment with vitamin A and C that will leave your skin soft and hydrated while also detoxifying your body and giving you a healthy glow. This treatment includes a scrub and a body wrap.

Choose a relaxing hand and fingertip massage that improves your circulation and soothes your muscles, leaving you feeling much more relaxed.

Choose a back and neck massage to quickly de-stress and relax your nerves and muscles with just light to medium pressure.

Share a relaxing hand and fingertip massage with your partner to improve your circulation and soothe your muscles.

Listen to the sounds of the ocean and enjoy the gentle breeze as the stress of daily life is washed away by relaxing massage techniques that will soothe your muscles and improve your circulation.

Experience an invigorating scrub with our famous Jamaican coffee, designed to leave your skin smooth and minimize cellulite. This is complemented by a combination of acupressure, Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques.

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