Adventure Park

Enjoy a vibrant adventure experience at Meliá Braco Village. You’ll love the zip line over the natural fauna in the lagoon and the tropical forest. Test your strength on our obstacle course, climb our 10-meter climbing wall and ring the bell when you reach the top.


Fun for all

Full of adventures for adults and kids aged 6+ Explore the park with our qualified adventure team twice a day, create memories with family and friends, and unleash your inner child. We provide harnesses, equipment, and a safety briefing where we teach you how to climb or zipline. A fun outdoor activity.



Climb up our imposing 10-meter climbing wall like a pro and ring the bell when you reach the top.

Leap into the air like an acrobat or a gymnast. Our trampoline park has a horizontal frame just a few feet off the ground and fabric stretched across the bars to connect the different structures.

Our modern circuit has nine different obstacles. Each one involves a more difficult challenge that will get harder as you move forward. Discover hanging bridges, U-shaped ropes, Tibetan steps and our “leap into the void”, where you have to grab a vine to leap over to the next challenge. Complete the circuit with a zip line back to base.

Fly through the air over the resort's wildlife on our 98-meter zip line. Get back to base, reveling in your achievement and bursting with adrenaline from the thrill of the ride.

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