Maia signature spa by Nature Bissé

Discover peace, serenity and total relaxation in the spa of this hotel in Punta Cana. A fully equipped space with the most modern facilities and exquisite massages and treatments.


Enjoy a total wellness experience

Discover this magnificent hotel with a spa in Punta Cana together with Natura Bissé, chosen as the best spa brand in the world at the World Spa Awards TM 2018. We offer a wide range of therapies and treatments that combine technological innovation with the most traditional and avant-garde techniques. Enter the world of Maia!



Humidity in the environment, the lifestyle we lead and constant exposure to the sun are just some of the factors that damage our skin cells. Our O2 Relax treatment is ideal for skin that requires greater hydration and luminosity. The key ingredient in this treatment is pure oxygen, which provides energy, decongests and regenerates the skin.

Actions affecting the firmness and elasticity of the skin help reduce wrinkles and expression lines, offering spectacular results for skin that requires an intensive, deeply nourishing and hydrating treatment.

An express facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated thanks to the magnificent properties of glycolic acid.

Vitamin C is a source of youth. Enjoy a fresh and invigorating dose to start your day. Its exceptional antioxidant powers are able to effectively neutralize the negative impact of free radicals. It also encourages the natural production of collagen, improving firmness and providing incredible luminosity.

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