Welcome to a place infused with YHI’s energy, the Goddess of light and creation, who emitted beams of light that eliminated darkness in the land. At YHI Spa our mission is to introduce you to an exclusive mixture between ancient traditional relaxation and modern ambiance with utmost comfortability and exclusive wellbeing experience.


Recover all your energy

Using elements of the land ethically and sustainably, we design the Spa treatments and rituals with the greatest dedication by the hands of our highly trained team, mixing natural ingredients and taking advantage of greater production of local supplies that provide sources of income to the communities from the Dominican Republic.



YHI Spa is the first step on a journey of renewal, with a focus on healing using natural elements, 100 % local roots, and a sustainable approach to wellness. A mixture of natural ingredients to soothe and enhance the respiratory system.

Discover all the special attributes of YHI Spa that will make your experience in the Caribbean truly unique. Atabeira Water Emotion, with a water circuit with a sauna, steam room and vitality pool, plus a spa menu in 3 stages (detoxification, calm, pain) and beauty salon.

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