Welcome to a gourmet restaurant reminiscent of the ruins of the old coffee plantations in Santiago. Enjoy a magical evening and all the exquisite proposals on our menu accompanied by impeccable service.


An adventure full of flavour

With an à la carte service for dinner, this place is ideal for enjoying with friends or your partner. The atmosphere evokes memories of the old La Isabelica coffee plantation, a symbol of Santiago de Cuba and a World Heritage Site. Culture and history create an interesting setting for a refined menu, accompanied by excellent wines and authentic Cuban coffee.



Mediterranean airs

One of the most famous and popular culinary styles in the world is reinterpreted through the dishes on our fascinating menu. Traditional ingredients such as herbs, olive oil and fish combine with Cuban influences from our chef to create an explosion of flavours that are simply irresistible.

Unbeatable location

Located on the ground floor, with easy access to the cultural area at the Meliá Santiago. It offers great views of a space where music, dance and artistic presentations liven up every evening.

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