The capital of the Netherlands has numerous spectacular artistic and architectural attractions. Its liberal culture and tolerance, environmental friendliness and unconventional spirit make it a city as diverse and bohemian as it is unique.

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a tall glass building with a blue sky
a glass building with a lot of bicycles parked in front of it
a glass building with a bike parked in front of it
a tall building with many windows
a glass door with a sign and trees in front of it
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a river with boats and trees around it
a man riding a bicycle on a brick road with large letters
a group of people standing outside of a building with neon signs
a river with buildings and trees
a store front with signs on windows
a building with glass walls and a walkway
The currency used is the euro. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks and exchange offices.
The official language is Dutch, a language with Nordic and Germanic roots. English is very widely spoken.
The city has an innovative system that provides free Wi-Fi to streets with low pollution levels.
The climate is mild due to its proximity to the sea. The average temperature in winter is 5⁰C and in summer 16⁰C.

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