Sunny Beach

This is the most vibrant seaside resort on the Bulgarian coast. Bathed by the waters of the Black Sea, its extensive beaches with fine white and golden sands are ideal for having fun with the family, friends or your partner.

Our hotels in Sunny Beach

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a water slide and a pool in a hotel
  • Palestër
  • Klub fëmijësh
  • Pishinë me ngrohje
a beach with buildings and water
The official currency is the lev. You can withdraw cash with a credit card at ATMs and banks.
Bulgarian is the most widely spoken language. The use of English is not very widespread.
Internet access is good in hotels. Most bars and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi to customers.
The climate is mild. The average annual temperature is 15⁰C, although in August it can reach 30⁰C. In winter, it does not usually drop below 6⁰C.

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