«Спа от Кларанс»

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Здоровье и позитивное настроение на Тенерифе

Пространство, посвященное красоте, уходу за собой и здоровью, в уникальном месте в окружении восхитительной природы Тенерифе. «Спа от Кларанс» предлагает своим посетителям идеальный баланс между релаксацией и отвлеченностью от повседневности.

a room with a white chair and a poster on the wall
a swimming pool inside a building
a room with chairs and plants
a room with a stone wall and a couch and a table

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100% natural

We have reinvented massage services using the most innovative techniques and movements, and the highest-quality essential oils. A 100% natural massage that arouses all the senses and soothes the mind.

A genuine ritual for all the senses

Personalised music, delicate textures, natural essential oils, herbal teas, and expert hands to soothe your body and spirit.

Personalised treatments

We pay the greatest attention to detail to apply the treatments and techniques that best ensure your well-being.

Constant innovation

Clarins Laboratories is a guarantee of exceptional, superior-quality products thanks to so many years of research and innovation.

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