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The island of the eternal spring


Known as the Island of Eternal Spring for its mild climate twelve months of the year, the beautiful Canary island of Tenerife is one of the most sought-after European destinations for travellers from around the world who seek to enjoy a few days of rest on its warm beaches, enjoy its marvellous protected natural surroundings and unique customs, fiestas and gastronomic options. Tenerife guarantees fun. An ideal destination to visit with your partner, friends or family, Tenerife offers fun and leisure plans for all ages, seven days a week. Travel to this paradise of contrasts and enjoy unique experiences. Go up the impressive Teide in a cable car, the mountain is the third largest volcano on the planet; dive on the spectacular seabed; bathe in beautiful natural swimming pools and enjoy lovely sunsets; practice your favourite water sport and play golf in the best environments.

Meliá has nine hotels in Tenerife. Travel to Tenerife and enjoy unique holidays with your partner, family or friends. Most of Meliá´s hotels in Tenerife are located on the seafront of the island´s most beautiful beaches and coves. Furthermore, these hotels in Tenerife offer magnificent rooms with fabulous sea views, an extensive variety of restaurants, several day and night activities, spectacular swimming pools opposite the sea, sports facilities and all the services and facilities you need to ensure you have a perfect stay in Tenerife.

Book your hotel in Tenerife and begin to enjoy unique holidays in this Atlantic paradise.


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